Amundi Ireland celebrates World Earth Day by collecting 196.5kg of litter

Friday 28 April 2023

This year to celebrate World Earth Day, Amundi Ireland employees volunteered to take time out of their day to help clean the local environment. Twenty-six employees walked the streets of Dublin to collect 196.5kg of litter. This is the second year of the ‘Great Clean-up’ and we more than doubled our 2022 target of 88.4kg.

CSR is important to Amundi Ireland and this is just one example of how we are taking steps to put our Global ambitions into action. Earlier this year Amundi Ireland also contributed to its second project with the Irish Government’s Woodland Environmental Fund, by supporting a second native woodland in Kylemore, Co. Galway.

Learn about our Native Woodland Development Project

Employees volunteered to collect litter from the streets of Dublin

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