Seeking to balance the search for returns with downside protection

Amundi Funds Solutions ICAV - Protect 90 has two key objectives:

1) It seeks to generate returns through a well-diversified*, Multi-Asset approach;
2) While delivering a 90% capital protection, explicitly guaranteed by Amundi**

Protect 90 - In a Nutshell

Adapting to an uncertain and complex environment


Low interest rates may mean almost zero, or even negative, returns on assets historically considered to be non-risky.
Economic and financial uncertainties may make many risk-taking decisions difficult.
In this context, many investors are seeking performance without putting all of their capital at risk.



Seeks to deliver returns



Amundi Fund Solutions ICAV-Protect 90 aims to support investors who seek to benefit from potential market rises through an active and flexible management, across a broad, diversified* investment universe.






Partial and permanent capital protection


Amundi Fund Solutions ICAV-Protect 90 offers daily capital protection throughout the sub fund’s life. In all circumstances, the protection is equal to 90% of the Highest net asset value (NAV).

The protection is formally guaranteed by Amundi SA (A+ Fitch Ratings) as at 30 June 2022.



Main Risks


Investors should be aware that all investments involve risks. The main risks associated with this fund include Volatility, Investment Fund Management and Counterparty Risks. These and other risks could cause the fund to lose money, to perform less well than similar investments, to experience fluctuation in NAV, or to fail to meet its objective over any period of time. Please refer to the Fund Supplement and KIID before making any final investment decision


How the Protection Works1


Amundi Fund Solutions ICAV-Protect 90 provides a permanent floor below which the sub-fund’s NAV may never fall, irrespective of financial market trends.

The protected NAV is equal to 90% of the highest net asset value.

The protected NAV increases each time the sub-fund’s NAV reaches a new high point.

Investors can redeem their shares at any time, at that day’s net asset value, which is always greater than or equal to the protected NAV.

ESG and Sustainability

This fund is classified SFDR Article 8

  • ESG Criteria is integrated into the investment process
  • Aims to achieve an ESG Score above its investment universe

For full details please refer to the fund Supplement and KIID.

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Legal Information

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Date of first use: 22 July 2022

*Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.
**Amundi S.A. is the ‘Guarantor’ (A+ Fitch Rating) as at 30 June 2022.