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The era of low interest rates is over. Inflation is here, and we believe it’s going to be higher than it was in the past.

The Covid-19 pandemic led to a substantial increase in inflation due to supply-chain bottlenecks at first, geopolitical tensions and high energy prices which have each contributed to a substantial shift in both monetary and fiscal policy.

In this complex scenario, we believe that Fixed Income strategies could be used to protect your capital and grow your returns.


Financial markets have experienced a considerable repricing, which has been particularly evident in the fixed income space and, as a consequence, bonds are now under the spotlight with more attractive valuations and an improved outlook.

At Amundi, we do not focus only on bonds. Money Markets and Short Term bonds, in our view, could be interesting strategies at a time when interest rates are getting higher and traditional savings don’t offer any real benefit.

Amundi, November 2022.

Money markets

Did you know that cash reserves could generate revenue? Money market funds can be used by corporate treasurers seeking to efficiently manage their short-term cash flows.

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Money market

Money market funds – How your cash could work for you

Money market funds seek to invest in high-quality, short-term debt instruments while offering corporate treasurers the opportunity to invest their cash.

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Money markets

What are short-term bonds and why should you consider them?

Short-term bond funds seek to invest in short-term bonds of different maturities between one and four years and the funds then purchase a spectrum of financial instruments to better suit the needs of the investor or investors. Find out more in this short article.

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Short term bonds

Bond market: Today and 2023

Want to know more about what Amundi believes is in hold for the bond market for the coming months? Find out more from Vincent Mortier, Group Chief Investment Officer at Amundi. Vincent explores the long term rates alongside potential market shocks.



It’s time to refocus on bonds

After a challenging first half of the year explore why fixed income strategies might provide appealing investment opportunities to investors. Find out more about why we believe now is the time to refocus on fixed income.

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