It’s time to refocus on bonds

September 2022 | 3 min read   

It’s time to refocus on bonds

Fixed income has always been one of the traditional components of portfolios. In recent times, however, they have not performed particularly well and some investors chose other options. However, it is important to remember that bonds are a very broad and diverse investment universe that may provide potentially appealing opportunities.   

If we consider the macroeconomic context, after the end of the “great repricing”, where markets and Central Banks reacted aggressively to the inflationary environment, we are now facing a regime shift. We have entered the “stabilisation” phase, where markets are gradually shifting their attention away from inflation, focusing more on growth prospect. Some curve repricing has already happened and Central Banks have adopted a hawkish stance that has led to a stabilisation of bond yields.

We believe that this could be a good time to bring the focus back on bonds, for four main reasons:

1. As the global growth outlook deteriorates, we believe the risk of stagflation, especially in the Eurozone, has increased. Market attention is now shifting from inflation to growth and, in our view, bonds could serve as a good diversifier* in an economic downturn.

2. It is possible that some Central Banks may face a credibility risk and may have to move towards further rate hikes and reduction of their balance sheets. In light of this, we expect that an agile approach to investing in bonds could be positive.

3. Bonds are also offering more attractive valuations, both in absolute and relative terms versus equities. Valuations have dropped due to the recent fast rise in global rates, coupled with wider credit spreads, which could potentially open up fresh opportunities for investors.

4. In our view, yields have now risen towards more “normal” levels from a historical standpoint. This may lead to opportunities in the governmental and high quality markets, but selection remains important for the latter.

From a core bond perspective, investors may wish to consider high quality assets such as core government bonds, US in particular, and Investment Grade credit for buy and hold purposes. Chinese bonds could be used as a diversifier*, and sustainable bonds may benefit from a green Quantitative Easing. Overall, we believe that a flexible approach is best for getting the most from aggregate bond markets.
Short-term bonds could be another interesting opportunity. In our view, they could offer a positive entry point, because yield levels are appealing again. The first half of 2022 was one of the worst periods for fixed income, and in December 2021, the yield distribution was particularly disappointing, with 41% of the Euro Fixed Income Universe in negative territory1.

The situation has changed rapidly, as roughly 99% of the universe now has a yield above 1%1. Nevertheless, it is important to stay cautious, active and flexible, as the economic outlook is negative for the Eurozone. In our view, as Central Banks are continuing their fight against inflation and tightening their monetary policy, investors may wish to consider solutions to protect their capital in the near term. Considering the return to positive rates, another opportunity may come from money market funds and ultra short-term bond funds.
We believe these two products could benefit in particular from the rate hikes by the Fed and the ECB, with the goal of bringing high levels of liquidity and a positive return to clients in the short term.

*Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss
Amundi, as at 27 September 2022

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