Your Planet, Your Future - 2024

Friday 05 January 2024

At Amundi Ireland, we recently launched the third edition of our 'Your Planet, Your Future' report. 

Based on a nationally representative survey, this report provides insight into Irish people’s views towards responsible investing. In this year’s report, we also wanted to understand how people’s financial situations are impacting their ability to live sustainably.  

While the overwhelming majority of people surveyed (96%) remain concerned about the cost of living, many succeeded in increasing their savings, investments and pensions through 2023, and they plan to make further increases over the coming 12 months. 

The majority of Irish people remain concerned about social and environmental issues, especially poverty, global warming and the impact of plastic on our ocean life. Irish people know they have a role to play in minimising their environmental impact. They believe that individual actions can make a difference but that world leaders have a responsibility to ensure that companies are working in a way that protects the environment. 

The survey results show us that we need to continue to highlight the benefits of responsible investing so that investors will place even more emphasis on companies with solid ESG credentials.

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A report by Amundi Ireland on the attitudes of Irish people towards responsible investing

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