Your Planet, Your Future - 2023

Wednesday 01 February 2023

Amundi Ireland has launched the second iteration of our 'Your Planet, Your Future' report. 

Based on a nationally representative survey, this report provides insight into the Irish population’s attitudes towards responsible investing and ESG issues, as well as the impact of the increasing cost of living on their finances.

We are encouraged to see that despite the current financial climate, many Irish people have increased their efforts to invest more sustainably but they also believe that world leaders, governments and businesses need to take more responsibility.

Understanding of the term ESG remains low, with only a small increase of 2% from last year’s report (13% have heard of the term in 2022, up from 11% in 2021). Despite this, over half (54%) of respondents who have a financial adviser would like to talk to them about responsible investing.  

Commenting on the survey findings, David Harte, Chief Executive Officer of Amundi Ireland, said: “This year’s survey shows the rising cost of living is a concern for many people in Ireland. Despite this, it is clear that environmental and societal concerns remain a priority for many. Given the low level of respondents that are familiar with the terms ESG and Responsible Investing, the onus is on the investment industry to better communicate what responsible investing is and how it can help to address the ESG issues that Irish people care about.”

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A report by Amundi Ireland on the attitudes of Irish people towards responsible investing.

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